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Being an entrepreneur in Brazil is an arduous task. It takes creativity, determination and resilience. With the economy in crisis, actions need to be taken with caution and the entrepreneur has to identify opportunities to turn them into something profitable.

In the United States, despite a different language, the laws and rules for entrepreneurship are a little simpler. The country is the largest economy in the world, with incentives for research, entrepreneurship, technology and consumption, being a prosperous nation for new businesses and professionals who want to contribute to the growth of the economy.


To understand and support this entire transition process, SCRIPTA CONSULTING has extensive experience in the United States and our mission is to make the dream of all those who think of building a business in the USA viable, which could be an expansion of their business, from Brazil to the USA, or simply opening a new business.


From the planning phase to the execution of the projects, with all the necessary support for a smooth, correct and safe move to the USA, our multicultural team and with a proven track record of success is able to offer a high standard service in different segments of business.

Business Meeting


In this process we offer all the support from the elaboration of a Business Plan, with analysis of the financial viability of the project, until the choice of the commercial point and regularization of all the necessary documentation for opening and internationalization of the company in the United States.


We offer all the support, from the elaboration of the Business Plan, with analysis of the financial viability, until the choice of the commercial point and regularization of all the necessary documentation for the investment in New Businesses in the United States.


Buying and selling a company involves risks for all parties and therefore the main function of Due Diligence is to know exactly what you are buying in a Merger or Acquisition process. It is essential to carry out an audit in the accounting, tax, technical, commercial, labor and legal areas to understand the extent of the liabilities, whether or not there are problematic contracts signed by the target company, whether there are risks of litigation, if there are issues of intellectual property involved. Many aspects need to be analyzed and a correct Due Diligence will bring a clear vision of the business you want to do.


The Business Plan will represent a fundamental roadmap for the development of your company and without it the creation of a new business becomes very risky. In this process we will develop a Financial Analysis, with the forecast of expenses and profits, Pricing, Marketing Strategy, Market Research, SWOT Analysis and Transaction Analysis for fundraising or for presentation to investors, if that is your objective.

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